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Popeyes – A US chicken chain is planning to open 30 new stores in the UK. The company Popeye Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.’s parent company is Restaurant Brands International, Restaurant Brands International Inc which is the holding company for Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes & Firehouse Subs. With more than $40 billion in Annual system wide sales, the company is one of the largest fast food companies in the USA.

If you are interested in investing in Restaurant Brands International, go to their website and read the investor news. If you go through the company presss releases, you will see that the company is also expanding Popeyes into China. This expansion into two overseas markets means the Popeyes chain is strong enough to sustain multiple growth channels overseas.

The parent company also agreed to purchase Carrols which is the largest US franchisee of Burger King restaurants in the United States operating 1,022 restaurants in 23 states and operating 60 popeye restauraants in six states. The company plans on renovating all the restaurants over the next five years to update those restaurants images.

If you are a fan of Popeye chicken or one of their other three brands, think about investing in this company as one of your long term stock options. Understand how franchisee system works before purchasing.

As an investor in the parent company, you are investing in the support unit for the franchisees. The main company may purchase franchisee back like they are doing with Carrols but their main focus is supporting franchise operational needs to ensure that all franchise locations offer identical brand identities and levels of quality.

I hope this little bit of information sparks your interest in franchise investing and a US/Canadian company expanding into the UK and China food market.

E.Horstkamp 22/1/24

Popeye is a brand belonging to Restaurant Brands International TSX:QSR / NYSE : QSR / NASDAQ: TAST

GWJ Adds Two Definitions for Investors

Investors interested in long term investment assets will be interested in our definitions of black label and lyocell assets.

Today we defined lyocell assets as follows:

Lyocell Asset – An investment asset created by mergers and acquisitions.

Lyocell assets are created when assets are removed from their original companies and then put together by investors into a new company.

There are several reasons why a company will purchase another company creating lyocell assets. Goes with Jeans, looks to see if the company is being acquired for assets (corporate physical assets), intellectual property (patents or processes to improve their own products) or for HR purposes to strengthen the corporation. (Start-ups may be purchased to buy the staff to strengthen a company division such as research or security.)

The Lyocell assets will be assets that are worth purchasing and mixing with other assets to create a stronger asset. lyocell assets will be held by investment firms. Investor who are interested in Lyocell assets would create a company to hold the Lyocell assets. Lyocell assets would be considered an advanced investment product.

GWJ defined black label assets as follows:

Black label are assets that GWJ considers worth purchasing as long term investments and require the buyer to spend more money to purchase. Black label assets are reviewed by GWJ and are considered stable high end companies (stocks or companies to purchase) and real asset products such as gold, real estate & digital addresses.

If you would like to speak with us more about the definitions, please contact GWJ by email.