What is a JAR micro investment?

Jar micro assets are held by investors with asset values of less than £632k. The amount invested by JAR investors is below £316k and investors in this category invest in less than 10 investment asset types including stocks and real estate.

The JAR investor is a beginning investor category. The investments available need to be stable and stackable.

An example of a Stable jar investment would be blue chip stocks, rental real estate or long term proven and stable commodities.

Storey Tarris 09/2024

Investing Goes with Jeans |GWJ|

Investing goes with jeans. |GWJ|

|GWJ| proved concept in October 2023 and the content of Goes with Jeans is now changing to focus on independent investors who want to make long term investments while wearing jeans.

We know you do not have to be in a business suit to invest in long term assets or be in control of your finances.

|GWJ| website focuses on:

  • How to pursue a stable financial future
  • Long-term asset investing opportunities
  • Research topics for independent investors
  • Assets worth investing for the long-term
  • Educational workshops for investors

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