Wednesday Inspiration | Nautical Bag and Hat| GWJ Style Reference |

Nautical Hats

Nautical Mariner’s Cap

  • Soft Flat-topped cap
  • Small visor
  • Flat-topped cap
  • Black wool felt or denim
  • Soft unstructured crown
  • Through history used as a political statement

Nautical Sailor Hat

  • Traditional styled Navy Cap “Dixie Cup Hat”
  • Fitted by circumference
  • Created to protect Soldiers from sun at sea.
  • Unisex hat worn by both men and women. Traditionally Straw then Canvas and now Cotton.

Nautical Bags

Candiani Sailor Bag

Nautical Bag Features

  • Bucket Shaped Rucksack
  • Rope Drawstring Closure
Rum Runner Seabag $329

Nautical Seabag Features

  • Water Repellent Heavy Duty Textile
  • Oil Tanned Leather features
  • Adjustable Rope Lanyard
  • Convertible to 5 Positions
  • Marine Snapshackle
  • 2 Copper Sliders
  • Storm Flap
  • Cargo Pocket
  • Utility Loop