Boots Hat Monday Inspiration skirt

GWJ | Monday Inspiration from Unsplash – Jean Skirt, Boots and a Hat

Photo by Amy Tran

Create our Monday inspiration look with the following:

  • Fedora Hat
  • Floral shirt
  • Jean Skirt
  • Brown Boots

Fedora Hat

MIRMARU Men’s Denim Fedora Jacket £17.99

Floral Cotton Shirt:

Ralph Lauren Floral Shirt £139

Jean Skirt:

HM Denim Skirt £19.99

Brown Boots:

GABRIELA HEARST Riccardo toe-cap leather boots £1190
Blazer Jacket Jeans Tops

Friday Style Inspiration – Globo_Woman – Green Blazer, White Shirt, Jeans |GWJ| GoeswithJeans

Friday Inspiration by Globo_woman found by Storey Tarris for GWJ | GoeswithJeans
Globo_woman style inspiration for Friday on GWJ |GoeswithJeans
Jacket Thursday Inspiration

Thursday Style Inspiration – pgmtanoria – Jean Suit Jacket and White Shirt

Thursday Style Inspiration by pgmtanoria found by Storey Tarris for
GWJ | GoeswithJeans
pgmtanoria Summer Style Inspiration found on Instagram | GWJ | GoeswithJeans

Jeans purses Weekend Style

Wednesday Inspiration –

Wednesday Inspiration by Breannamankelow found by Storey Tarris for GW|GoeswithJeans
Style inspiration – Colour woven purse and hand painted pants posted by breannamankelow on Instagram.
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|GWJ | Emma Hill| Styling Black Jeans in London | Style Inspiration

Fashion Influencer Emma Hill is shown wearing H&M black jeans and a black blazer in this photograph taken by Simon Creasy. The Dragon Diffusion bag is paired with brown Dr. Frances shoes but the shoe colour is a bit too light brown for the bag. The black Luca loafers are available and look good with the Dragon Diffusion Cannage Kampur.
Loafers, Sandals or boots would look good with black jeans and a black blazer. Here are a Selection of Timeless Shoes from Dear Frances. GWJ will let you know if they go on sale.

The Cannage Kampur bag is perfect. You can find the bag currently in the Dragon Diffusion store (2021). If you are not interested in a weaved bag, you might like a staple Tote bag like the one found on Kate Spade.
Kate Spade bag is technically grey but works well with black loafers, black jeans and a black blazer.

GWJ is looking for fashion styling inspiration on all social media platforms and on the internet. If you are a blogger or vlogger who styles jeans, please message GWJ on Facebook with your video link or Instagram feed photograph.