Jeans with Purple Blazer | GWJ | Wednesday Inspiration |

Purple jacket/blazer cropped and a fringe made from the unfinished edge.

Items needed to make this week’s inspirational look:

  • Purple blazer or denim jacket to crop and create a frings
  • Dark Denim Jeans or Shorts
  • White T-shirt (Sweater if it is cold by you.)
  • White Trainers (Sneakers)
  • Long Necklace

Wednesday inspirational look items found on the internet:

Rock Creek Purple Denim Jacket available on Amazon £35.20
Topshop Jamie Flare Jean £39.99 (21.6.2021)

White t-shirt

Basic HM Cotton Tshirt £5.99
Uniqlo White Canvas Sneakers £29.90
Long Necklace available from Parfois