Denim Denim Patch Wednesday Inspiration Weekend Style

GWJ | Wednesday Inspiration – Denim Pants with Patches

ralph lauren patched khaki 2021 09 11 at 11.24.01
Ralph Lauren Patched Khaki with Denim
statement bag Tops Tuesday Inspiration Weekend Style

GWJ | Tuesday Inspiration – Chanel – Striped Shirt – French Flair

screenshot 2021 07 23 at 07.34.22 1
Tuesday Inspiration – Coco Chanel

To create this outfit you will need the following:

  • Striped top
  • Dark Silk Slacks
  • Flats
  • Chanel Bag
screenshot 2021 07 26 at 12.17.54
Striped shirt Benetton £19.95
screenshot 2021 07 26 at 12.23.17
Chanel Silk Trousers/Slacks £2460
screenshot 2021 07 26 at 12.14.50
Chanel Shopping Bag £4730
screenshot 2021 07 26 at 12.32.39
LV espadrilles £520

Daily Inspiration Shirt Thrift Hunt Tops Tuesday Inspiration Weekend Style

Tuesday Denim Shirt Inspiration | Curated by Storey Tarris

Thrift or Store Hunting – Small bag with Chain that works with light denim shirt.
Thrift Hunt a denim shirt or denim dress and dye it orange or fushia. Dye works with faded or light denim. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

purses skirt Weekend Style

Jean Skirt Inspiration | Curated by Storey Tarris

Inspiration for your Shopping hunt -Clutch bag to go with Denim Jeans. Man’s belt to wrap.
Inspiration for thrifting Hunt. Faded Denim Skirt with frayed hem. (You can make the frayed hem by cutting the original hem off.)
Inspiration for Creative Individuals. Find faded Denim Skirt and dye it black. Hunt through thrift stores for a fringed bag that is not brown.

Jeans purses Weekend Style

Wednesday Inspiration –

Wednesday Inspiration by Breannamankelow found by Storey Tarris for GW|GoeswithJeans
Style inspiration – Colour woven purse and hand painted pants posted by breannamankelow on Instagram.
Daily Inspiration Jeans Shirt Weekend Style

Tuesday Inspiration – Jeans, Suspenders and Yellow Top

Style Inspiration by coast_plus found by Storey Tarris on Instagram for
GWJ |GoeswithJeans
Style Inspiration found on Instagram by Storey Tarris for GWJ |GoeswithJeans