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GWJ | Friday Inspiration – Floral Skirt, White Denim Hat and Vintage City Bike

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Find the following for this Friday Inspiration:

  • Denim hat
  • White Blouse
  • Floral Skirt
  • Sneakers
  • Vintage style bike

Denim Hat:

screenshot 2021 07 20 at 13.07.19
Denim Baker Hat £15

White Blouse:

screenshot 2021 07 20 at 13.12.17
 Woven Ruffle Angel Sleeve Blouse £15
screenshot 2021 07 20 at 13.18.30
GRACE KARIN Women Summer Vintage Full Circle Skirt 50s A-Line Skirt £21
screenshot 2021 07 20 at 13.21.35
Superga Sneaker £70
screenshot 2021 07 20 at 13.25.09
Vintage Styled Bike £270
Bermuda Blazer Friday Inspiration shorts trainers

GWJ | Friday Inspiration – Oversized Brown Blazer

Man’s blazer, dark jeans, trainers and a walking playlist.

Items needed for this outfit:

  • Blazer
  • Denim Shorts
  • Hi70s Converse Trainers
  • Playlist – Spotify – GWJ Friday Inspiration – Boyfriend’s Closet
La Redoute Collection Cotton Blazer £65
Monkl Denim Shorts £30
Converse Hi70s Trainers £100
Friday Inspiration

GWJ | Goes With Jeans – Everything from Vinted – we are inspired today to hunt for an outfit that feels like this one.

For Friday Inspiration, this is what we found to make an outfit inspired by

  • Plaid Trench Coat
  • Floral button down dress
  • Leather handbag
  • Sunglasses
  • Scarf
  • Rain Shoes

Trench Coat:

Vinted – H&M Trench Coat £25

Flora Button Down Dress:

Kimchi & Blue Dress £7


Kate Spade Handbag £60


Moschino Sunglasses £25


Papaya Scarf £1.50
Gucci Rain Boots £65
Friday Inspiration Shirt shorts

GWJ | Friday Inspiration -White Button Down Shirt, Denim Shorts, Head Scarf and Basket Bag

White Button Down Shirt and Denim Shorts –

Items to find for this look:

  • Faded Denim Jeans to cut off
  • Oversized white button down shirt
  • Brown leather belt
  • Silver Hoops
  • Basket Bag
  • Bandana head scarf
  • Dark Aviator Glasses
HM Denim Shorts £17.99
Muscle Fit Oxford Shirt £17.99
Signature Italian Leather Belt at Next £25
Massimo Dutti Basket Bag £99.95
Aviator Total Black by Ray-Ban £139 (21.6.2021)
Silver Hoops by Hersey Silversmiths £20
elastic bandana Head Scarf in Blue
Daily Inspiration Friday Inspiration shorts

Friday Denim Shorts Inspiration |Curated by Storey Tarris

Denim Shorts with Simple blouse and sandals – Summer Wardrobe Inspiration curated by Storey Tarris.
Denim Shorts Inspiration – Frayed Shorts cut from jeans, blouses and a great pair of shoes or boots.
If you don’t want to cut your own, H&M has a pair of bermuda shorts.