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Bespoke Damascus Buckle Leather Belt Fall 21

The Equus Leather Damascus buckles are created by a master knife maker in Japan.

Each buckle is unique and the purchaser is allowed to choose from the buckles currently in stock.

Bespoke Damascus Buckle Leather Belt Fall 21 £288

The buckles are bead blasted, acid etched and then re-polished to focus on the designs in the metal.

The bespoke buckles are as of Fall21 still a staple of the Equus Leather line but there is a finite supply.

The buckle comes with a Sedgwick leather belt which uses a French Lin Cable thread which may provide a contrast or can be match to blend with the belt leather.

The Damascus Belt price is currently £288.

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BB Simon

BB Simon Fall 21 has a red Italian leather belt with authentic red Swarovski crystals and gold toned accents. The belt is handmade in the United States. The belts run small from the US pants size so buyers need to size up one size for an appropriate fit.

BB Simon

BB Simon launched the BB Simon brand in 1987. The iconic BB Simon belt includes Swarovski Crystals and Italian leather. Since 1987, BB Simon is involved from start to finish in the creative process and focuses his attention on creating items of enduring quality and beauty.

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Vanity Name Buckle by Iris Designs $70

Red flower outlined in black on white background. The buckle is a collage of materials consisting of silk paper, golden beads and a brass base. Iris Designs has several other buckle designs created using a collage technique such as the Turquoise Mango Belt buckle.

Mango and Turquoise Iris Designs $70

Vanity Name Buckle by Iris Designs $70

Iris Braunstein Shemesh creates unique designs inspired by floral and animal prints. The designer is influenced by her native Israel.

Iris began her career as a textile designer and each piece is considered unique and she uses resins, silk papers, fabrics and hand paintings in her creations.

Iris Designs – Oriental Star $45

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The Fall21 BELT by Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Fall 21 has a bold belt available in Black, Cream (Chalk) and Pink (Lollipop) for £430. The name of the belt is just belt.

The belt is double strap leather with a knot closure. The leather is 100% calfskin and the hardware has a gold finish.

The belt is made in Italy. A similar belt by Bottega Veneta available Fall 21 is called Horsebit.

Fall 21 Bottega Veneta Horsebit Belt
Fall 21 Bottega Veneta Horsebit Belt

The Fall21 BELT by Bottega Veneta