Thursday Inspiration | Nautical Boat Shoes | GWJ Nautical Style Reference |

Fashion Nautical Boat Shoe

Skechers On-the-GO Flex – Embark £60 – YR 2021
  • Skid proof sole
  • non marking rubber sole
  • Canvas/Leather upper materials
  • Made to wear without socks
  • Bottom soles cut to add traction on wet surfaces
  • Waterproof leather and canvas detailing

Sperry considered creator and classic brand model for original leather boat shoe.

Skechers Womens Go Mat Denim Boat Shoes YR 2018 (?)

Fashion Nautical Sneaker

Fashion Nautical Boat Shoe w/ Skid free soles
Men’s Nautica Deckloom Canvas & Rubber Boat Shoe Indigo £36 YR2021

Nautical Boat Shoe | Classic Design

Timberland Boating Shoe

Classic Boat Shoe Detailing

  • Slotted Collar with two eyelet lacing
  • Leather lacing
  • Slip resistant sole
  • Mark resistant sole
  • Waterproof detailing
  • Barrel Lacing
Sperry Leather boat Shoe

Wednesday Inspiration | Nautical Bag and Hat| GWJ Style Reference |

Nautical Hats

Nautical Mariner’s Cap

  • Soft Flat-topped cap
  • Small visor
  • Flat-topped cap
  • Black wool felt or denim
  • Soft unstructured crown
  • Through history used as a political statement

Nautical Sailor Hat

  • Traditional styled Navy Cap “Dixie Cup Hat”
  • Fitted by circumference
  • Created to protect Soldiers from sun at sea.
  • Unisex hat worn by both men and women. Traditionally Straw then Canvas and now Cotton.

Nautical Bags

Candiani Sailor Bag

Nautical Bag Features

  • Bucket Shaped Rucksack
  • Rope Drawstring Closure
Rum Runner Seabag $329

Nautical Seabag Features

  • Water Repellent Heavy Duty Textile
  • Oil Tanned Leather features
  • Adjustable Rope Lanyard
  • Convertible to 5 Positions
  • Marine Snapshackle
  • 2 Copper Sliders
  • Storm Flap
  • Cargo Pocket
  • Utility Loop